EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt makes it official: The EPA is going to drop the Obama-era Clean Power plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Your periodic reminder that both Dustin McDaniel and Leslie Rutledge touted Pruitt, the former Oklahoma attorney general, as a great pick for EPA. Since both of them like the smell of burning coal in the morning, you can understand why.


Environmental Protection? It’s over.

UPDATE: Attorney General Leslie Rutledge cheered the news.


“The EPA, under new leadership, is putting common-sense, the environment and the American family ahead of a political agenda with the announced rollback of the so-called Clean Power Plan,” said Attorney General Rutledge. “This plan was nothing short of illegal and would have led to significant energy rate hikes, hitting Arkansans directly in their pocketbooks – something no family or business owner can afford. By ending this plan, the EPA will hopefully return to the drawing board, seeking input from the states in order to craft a common sense, lawful rule that protects the environment and the American people.”

Input from the states? That’s a laugh. Arkansas is a national holdout on clean water rules. Utilities and industry here will take care of the input. (Or I should say output of noxious gases.)

Glenn Hooks of the Arkansas Sierra Club blasted Pruitt, saying in part:


Today’s announcement confirms that the Trump EPA is actively committed to ignoring health, climate, public safety, and economic reality in pursuit of protecting polluter profits. The Clean Power Plan is designed to reduce dangerous carbon pollution from power plants. This pollution directly puts the lives and health of Arkansans at risk, and wreaks havoc on our climate. Repealing the Clean Power Plan means, in no uncertain terms, that Scott Pruitt cares more about propping up the dirty fossil fuel industry than he cares about the health of Arkansans.