THANKFUL: Rep. Clarke Tucker.

State Rep. Clarke Tucker, the Little Rock Democrat, has posted on Facebook some good news —he’s  cancer-free and has a good prognosis after August surgery and chemotherapy for bladder cancer.

He expressed thanks to many and said he’d decided to open up about it to encourage others.

This entire experience has admittedly been less than pleasant at times, but I hope to come out on the other side as healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually as I have ever been. So if you see me, and I look different than I was before, it is not because I am sick—it’s because I’m healthy, healthier than I was before. And I hope to be able to walk with others down that same path.

But mostly I want to express gratitude for life, for God’s peace and grace, and for my family and many, many wonderful friends.

Until this health issue developed, Tucker’s name had been in circulation for other political races, including mayor of Little Rock and 2nd District Congress. Odds today favor a run for re-election to his House seat. As a 36-year-old man with a pre-existing condition, hewill have an interest in health issues.