SECTION MISSING: Where's the business section?

Did your Monday morning Arkansas Democrat-Gazette include a business section?

Mine didn’t.


I suspect that’s a permanent change, though I saw no notice of it in the newspaper. There WAS an announcement Saturday that a former feature of the Monday section, a syndicated computer column, would now appear on Saturday and that the bankruptcy listing, once also a Monday feature, would henceforth appear Sunday. I took that as a signal of the coming demise of the Monday business section, but expected a formal announcement of some sort. I didn’t get a response from a news executive I queried by e-mail about the change.

UPDATE: New business editor Jim Kordsmeier confirms that the Monday business section is no more.


In truth, not much in news was lost to the regular reader from the end of the generally canned section, but it will save the publisher paper. I’ve long wondered why they don’t save more newsprint by excising the abbreviated stock listings from the daily business sections, given the ubiquity of electronic sources for more timely and thorough market data. Tough times in publishing, in case you haven’t heard.