GOP GAINS: Follow the dark red. Vox

An article in Vox examines the question of whether the 2016 vote for president represented a realignment of voters. It seems to find this:

Yes and no. But, the analysis DID find a significant movement to the Republican candidate Donald Trump in parts of the Upper Midwest and rural northeast (which happened to be places crucial to an electoral victory for a candidate who still lost the overall popular vote.)


What the map suggests is that the shift toward the GOP wasn’t uniform. It was concentrated in the Upper Midwest and rural areas of the Northeast. Monroe County, Ohio, moved 21 points in the Republican direction between 2012 and 2016. Howard County, Iowa, shifted 22 points toward the GOP.

As several political observers have noted, this wasn’t just a geographical shift. It was the counties with less educated and whiter populations that tended to shift the most in the Republican direction.

A shift by uneducated white voters away from the party with the black president, you say?

As an Arkie, I say: Been there, done that. And it doesn’t appear to be a passing fancy.