PRE-ANOINTING: A file photo of Sen. Rapert and his monument. Max Brantley

The Friendly Atheist, a blogger, got an unfriendly response from Sen. Jason Rapert when he asked how he was spending all the money he’s raised for another Ten Commandments monument for the state Capitol grounds.

The original, you may remember, was destroyed the day of its installation by a driver who’d done the same to an Oklahoma Ten Commandments tablet.


Rapert then set out to raise $100,000 to replace the $26,000 monument. A GoFundMe page indicates he’s raised $81,000. Makers of the “God Is Not Dead” movie series have also sent $25,000. Rapert has said the new monument is finished and ready to be installed, when Secretary of State Mark Martin has new security measures ready.

The Friendly Atheist asked for an accounting. Rapert was not amused, apparently. His response, according to the Friendly Atheist:


Go play games somewhere else. I don’t have time for fishing expeditions. Choose to be a journalist or an activist — you aren’t very good at the journalist gig.

When you write be truthful or you will find out what real journalism can accomplish. Have a good night.

The Atheist may be friendly, but he’s skeptical of Rapert’s efforts to avoid explaining why so much money was needed to replace the first stone tablet.

When it is in place, the ACLU and others will move forward with a lawsuit.


Michael Reed, charged with criminal mischief in destruction of the first monument, is being evaluated by the State Hospital for his competency to be tried. He was diverted to mental health treatment after he destroyed the Oklahoma monument.