CLEAN POWER: Comes from solar panels such as these in Alabamas.

A state Public Service Commission docket indicates Entergy Arkansas is continuing to expand its power generation to renewable sources — specifically a 100-megawatt generating facility in Chicot County.

Testimony on the PSC docket indicates the company has a 20-year agreement to purchase power from Chicot Solar LLC, a solar voltaic project to be built near Lake Village that would connect to an existing transmission line between Lake Village and Reed.  Chicot Solar is an affiliate of NextEra Energy, a global supplier of wind and solar energy. The company proposes to put the project online by 2020.


It would be similar to an 81-MW project Entergy is building near

The company’s filing said it could demonstrate that it complies with legislative requirements that the cost of the power would be reasonable, provide savings to retail customers and would supplement existing generating resources in the public interest.


No filings yet from the attorney general’s office. Leslie Rutledge has been pushing against environmental regulations to help the coal industry stay in the power generating business.