Looks like Jacob Kauffman of KUAR got the same response I got yesterday to messages seeking comment from Arkansas members of Congress to news of indictments and a plea bargain in the Trump-Russia investigation: Silence.

Kauffman got a semi-response from U.S. Rep. Steve Womack’s office, which referred him to a statement made when Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel. He said May 17:

“Given the number and severity of the claims that have arisen – and the fact that these claims are coming from anonymous sources and the media, it’s important the American people now get the facts from an independent investigation. They deserve the truth. I have the utmost confidence in former director Mueller’s ability to lead an independent investigation and give the people what they deserve – the truth.”

Trump says it’s all a pack of lies.

And speaking of one of the Arkansas silents,  U.S. Rep. French Hil. Amid growing complaints from constituents that he and his office won’t talk to them, he has found time to give a televised interview to Tim Young,  a comedian for a right-wing website. They talked about Little Rock and its rejection of Amazon — not Hill’s vote against disaster aid; not  the Russian dossier he received on a junket to Russia; not his support for credit card companies over consumers. They talked about Lucky Charm marshamallow mix-ins. A tip for those who might like some face time with Hill..