RELEASED TODAY: Jack Greene's will.

Lawyers for Jack Gordon Greene, the death row inmate convicted in the slaying of Sidney Brumett, have released a last will and testament in which he requests that “my head be surgically removed from my body” and his brain tested by an independent medical examiner.

Greene attempted to have the will approved yesterday in court in a hearing to push for a full testing of his competence. (A judge refused the request for a competency hearing earlier today.) Judge Jodi Dennis told Greene to run the will past his lawyers and not the court.

The document shows Greene’s commitment to what lawyers have described as an all-encompassing delusion that the state of Arkansas, his counsel over many years and the Arkansas Department of Correction have tortured him so badly as to cause a “percussion concussion” that led to brain injuries.

Greene has said this was due to the slamming of a trap door on his solitary cell in the Varner Unit. Doctors for the defense have repeatedly said this is not possible.


Moreover, lawyers have argued that this delusion prevents Greene from understanding the reason for his execution and therefore make him incompetent to be executed.

There is a key distinction between Greene’s account of his mental state and his lawyers’ account. Greene believes he is competent to be executed, saying as much at a parole board hearing, but says he is being tortured by the ADC’s slamming of the door. Greene’s lawyers have said that Greene is incompetent to be executed with no actual neurological damage and has grown delusional in solitary confinement.


Here’s a link to Greene’s last will and testament.

It was made available to media today by his defense team.