DOES IT MATTER? Or does being a Republican in Alabama mean never having to say you're sorry? No matter how sorry you are.

The Washington Post has a bombshell –– allegations of a 14-year-old’s sexual encounters with Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. Other questionable encounters with teens are also reported.

Add that to being removed from office twice for refusing to follow U.S. Supreme Court precedent as a judge. Add that to favoring criminalization of homosexuality. Add that to more outrages and we still have the simple question:


Is the letter R all that’s necessary for election in Alabama (or Arkansas, while we’re at it)?

Moore has a strong Democratic opponent, a former prosecutor of KKK church bombers. That record may or may not be a plus with many Alabama voters.


UPDATE: Alabama Republicans defend Moore vehemently. What’s wrong with 30-year-old man “dating” teenagers? Joseph was a lot older than Mary and ….. Jesus. I kid you not.