You can sign up on Eventbrite to buy a copy of Hillary Clinton’s book on the 2016 campaign and receive a signed copy from her personally during her visit to Little Rock Saturday, Nov. 18. She’ll be in town for events marking the 25th anniversary of Bill Clinton’s election as president.

For $32.70 ($30 for the book, tax and fee) you get a book and a place in the signing line . Books-A-Million is sponsoring the event. There’s a limit on tickets, but the website doesn’t specify the number.

It happens at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 18 at the Statehouse Convention Center.  She and Bill Clinton will appear at the convention center in the afternoon for a talk moderated by James Carville. But all tickets for that event have already been taken.

CORRECTION: The language in the Eventbrite announcement references a “guest” place along with a book for a ticket purchase. That just covers one place in line, not a purchaser and a guest. Every person must have a ticket.