The University of Arkansas has released the letter sent to terminate the employment of Athletic Director Jeff Long. It was required under the contract, which in Section 15 allows for termination for “convenience,” though it also provides for a guaranty of Long’s salary under the contract, which runs through June 30, 2022.

Note that termination requires him to return two automobiles provided by the Razorback Foundation, which is a guarantor of the contract.

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I’m still awaiting a university answer of what negotiations might have preceded the termination, whether any “mitigation” of the obligation to pay Long applied and, in short, what he actually is expected to receive and from what sources as a result of his firing.

Also, here’s the most recent amendment to Long’s contract.


And here, for real contract nerds, are ALL of the Long contracts and amendments, which need to be read together to understand which parts still apply and which have been superseded.