JAN MORGAN: there she goes again.

Gun-happy Jan Morgan of Hot Springs, who’s talking about a Republican primary challenge to Gov. Asa Hutchinson next year, has complained lately that she got disinvited from one Republican county event and an effort was made to keep her away from a Mississippi County appearance.

The Blytheville Courier News covers Morgan at great length in this article about her recent talk there; a reported effort by GOP Party Chair Doyle Webb to shush her when she started talking about excessive state spending (he disputes this), and about the discovery that a gubernatorial staff member had tried in an e-mail to discourage her Mississippi County appearance. That email was unauthorized and came from a gubernatorial staffer writing on his own time, the governor’s press spokesman told the newspaper.


The Blytheville article also recounts Morgan’s affiliation with Sen. Linda Collins-Smith to lobby for stronger support of gun-friendly laws, an effort that put Morgan in conflict with Hutchinson. Morgan sees Hutchinson, the former NRA front man, as insufficiently robust on guns.

As the old saying goes: Let’s her and him fight.