Walton Family Foundation

The Walton Family Foundation has announced $3.6 million in grants to help develop parks in four cities in Northwest Arkansas.  The beneficiaries:

* A “quilt” of parks in Bentonville.
* A 12-acre interactive cultural arts corridor in Fayetteville.
* Frisco Park in downtown Rogers.
* Luther George Park in Springdale.


Said a Walton release:

As we preserve and expand green spaces in downtowns, we must ensure housing in these city cores remains accessible to a wide variety of people. This year, the Design Excellence Program will also include a grant to the Community Development Corporation of Bentonville/Bella Vista for schematic designs for four affordable housing concepts.

Quality design is not defined by beautiful buildings and well-manicured landscapes that exist in isolation. Good design can create a sense of community by building accessible neighborhoods for all residents.

This is part of a Northwest Arkansas design project of the foundation. More details here.


In Central Arkansas, the foundation has not been so neighborly. It is spending millions to establish charter schools that have diminished the Little Rock School District and neighborhoods hit by school closures on account of declining enrollment.