As expected, Saline Circuit Judge Bobby McCallister has settled a pending judicial ethics action over his failure to file income tax returns by agreeing to resign from the bench.

A news release from the state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission issued after a commission meeting today said he will resign from the $160,000-a-year job Dec. 15. He still faces criminal charges in the case.  He won’t be able to be a judge again. He’s served for about eight years.


The Commission filed an ethics complaint in March after testimony in McCallister’s own divorce case made reference to his failure to file state and federal income tax returns for a number of years. That also led to the appointment of a special prosecutor to consider criminal charges.

The Commission news release said the facts on which removal from office is based will be disclosed in detail on the resignation Dec. 15. McCallister had been scheduled for a trial of the allegations today, but it was canceled and the agreement was announced. Even with an adverse finding by the Commission at the trial, McCallister had appeal rights that could have maintained his current position — suspended with pay — for many months if he appealed to circuit court.


Here’s the full release.