KTHV explains here in detail the story behind the protest scheduled for noon Saturday at Little Rock City Hall, Rap Over Violence.

In short, rappers are unhappy about city officials’ crackdown on rap shows  that led to the cancellation of one major show. They want to make a statement. The city has been pushing for more security at shows because of the mass shooting at a downtown club that left a couple of dozen wounded during a rap show.


Hassan, Freddy Miller and Jay Fly Life are calling the event on Saturday, Nov. 18 #RapOverViolence. They are concerned that more rap and hip-hop concerts could be cancelled in the future, so they are setting out to prove that rap music is not a catalyst for crime. It is an escape.

“If they going to shut this down or try to stop this, like who’s to say they’re not going to say you can’t through anymore local shows,” Miller said.

The KTHV article includes some good comments from those putting on the protest.

“The reason that we’re doing it is because of the censorship of urban music that has been going on,” Hassan said. “It’s hindering us in more ways than they even know.”

Hassan said they are organizing the protest at City Hall because they want to show that not all rap artists are bad. They are worried more rap concerts will be cancelled, affecting their work as rap artists.

“It’s some of our livelihoods. You know, some of us, it’s our escape as far as mentality. Some of the things that we sometimes have to deal with in our communities sometimes it just help to soothe it,” Hassan said.

Hassan said the rap music is not the problem and the sometimes violent lyrics does not mean an artist is violent themselves.

“Most time what it is, that artist is expressing themselves what they’ve been through, past experiences things like that,” he said.

True that. Life is tough on the streets. Don’t believe me, read The Observer’s report this week on an armed confrontation with a car burglar, the latest in a series of home and car invasions in The Observer’s central city neighborhood.  He says he’s getting the heck out of Dodge City, aka LR, as soon as his son gets his Central High diploma.


What are people in these situations supposed to write and rap about? Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, all while wearing I Love Little Rock T-shirts?

It will be interesting to see how many uniformed and undercover officers and police intelligence officers turn out for Saturday’s event. Also whether any of the candidates for mayor are in attendance.