A coalition of groups will demonstrate at 12:15 p.m. Tuesday in front of the state Human Services headquarters at Seventh and Main to show displeasure with the Senate tax legislation.

Clergy, community groups, seniors, children and others will take part, said the Arkansas Community Organizations.


As it stands, the group notes, the bill would repeal part of the Affordable Care Act to finance a major corporate tax cut and individual tax cuts weighted in favor of the wealthy. The Congressional Budget Office said the health insurance change will drive 13 million people off insurance and increase premiums for those who remain insured.

Said ACO:


At the same time, the $1.4 trillion dollar package gives people with incomes over $1 million an annual tax cut of about $14,890 and those with incomes of over $3.1 million an annual cut of about $94,540. The federal budget resolution passed last month also allows Republicans to cut $1.5 trillion from Medicaid and Medicare next year to pay for these massive tax breaks.

Arkansans have much to be thankful for. ARKids brought health coverage to hundreds of thousands of children whose parents could not afford to buy health insurance. Through Medicaid expansion the ACA cut Arkansas’s uninsured rate in half. Medicare brings health security to 595,000 seniors in our state. That’s why people tomorrow will call on Senators Cotton and Boozman to say “No, Thanks” to a bill that would harm so many Arkansans.