Farm Sanctuary, an animal protection organization, sends word that four turkeys rescued from the Yellville Turkey Trot after the annual drops from buildings and an airplane will enjoy Thanksgiving in friendlier places

Four turkeys — the “Fab Four” — were taken first to a shelter in Watkins Glen, N.Y., a spokesman said. Medical care was needed. One had a large chest wound after a drop from a building into the scrum of people trying to capture the birds. Two of the turkeys — named John and Ringo — have now been shipped to a “forever home” in Southport, Connecticut.


A video of the annual rite of turkey terrorism in Yellville and the rescue is here.

PS: To correct some misinformation being pumped out regularly by defenders of Yellville’s turkey drop: The birds dropped in Yellville are NOT wild turkeys, though they are a breed resembling wild turkeys. It is illegal to trap wild turkeys for a use such as this. Also, the Game and Fish Commission says it can find no evidence to support a bit of local mythology — that wild turkeys were restocked in the area decades ago by airplane drops. They were most likely delivered in cages by truck. a spokesman told me. Video evidence demonstrates that, while turkeys have the ability to fly short distances, some don’t and these meet gruesome ends in the plane drops.


Bon appetit!