The gun fetishists of Arkansas like to suggest the 2nd Amendment is an unabridged right to carry guns whenever and wherever. They also believe, based on that legally unsupported reading of the Constitution and an ambiguous state statute, that open carry is the unassailable right of all Arkansans.

As yet, we have no specific case on point in Arkansas. But we do have this new barometer:


The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to take up a challenge to a Florida law that bars people from openly carrying firearms in public, ending a case that started nearly six years ago when a man with a gun was arrested in St. Lucie County.

The U.S. Supreme Court, as is common, did not explain its reasons for declining to hear the case. But the move effectively let stand a Florida Supreme Court ruling in March that said the open-carry ban did not violate the constitutional right to bear arms.

PS: The Court also declined to hear an appeal of Maryland’s assault weapons ban.