COMING HOME TO ARKASNAS? Gus and Kristi Malzahn, shown during a sint at Arkansas State

Here’s the Saturday open line. A couple of things:

* GUS BUS: Many eyes are on Atlanta, where Auburn currently trails Georgia in the SEC championship game and all the jock talkers seem to think the potential is high that Auburn coach Gus Malzahn will jet home to coach the Hogs after the game, particularly if he loses.


I have not a clue.

But, for your amusement, I share at the top what former Hog quarterback Mitch Mustain had to say. If you don’t know the tortured tale of Mustain, his high school coach Malzahn and cell phone addict Houston Nutt, well, go watch an Ivy League game or something.


And speaking of amusement: The prospect of Malzahn’s return prompted one faithful reader to note that would also mean the return of his wife Kristi. She’s been quiet since an interview with megapastor Ronnie Floyd went viral in 2011, but perhaps familiar surroundings might lure her back to a microphone. She had a lot to say.

* FAMILIAR NAME: Story out of Missouri about the suicide in Springfield of a CPA who’d pleaded guilty to embezzling from an organization on whose board he served, managed mergers and did internal auditing. He also failed to report the money for tax purposes. It’s worth a mention only because the dead man, David Carl Hayes, stole from Alternative Opportunities, a nonprofit that operated mental and behavioral health agencies, including dozens of clinics in Arkansas. Alternative Opportunities also employed a lobbyist who’s been identified, but not charged,  as participating in a kickback scheme with former state senator Jon Woods, who’s facing trial in Fayetteville. Alternative Opportunities has not been charged either and its related entities have all disavowed connection with any ill deeds.  But it appears it may have employed more than one bad apple.