The D-G reports that Allan Curtis Jones was found guilty of second degree murder in a Mississippi County Circuit Court last night and sentenced to 24 years in prison. The shooting happened over a dispute between Jones and another farmer, Mike Wallace, over the controversial herbicide dicamba.  Wallace said that dicambra that Jones had sprayed on a field near his own had drifted and caused damage to his soybean crops. Jones’ attorney had argued that he shot Wallace in self defense after Wallace charged at him looking like a “wild man.” Jones will appeal the verdict.

Highly recommend David Koon’s magnificent cover story on the shooting of Wallace and the dicamba controversy, “Farmer vs. Farmer.


Earlier this week, a legislative subcommittee declined to approve a proposed ban on the controversial herbicide dicamba, which many Arkansas farmers say has caused massive damage to their crops due to drift. The Plant Board, which had approved the  ban — lasting April 16 through October 31 — will now take it up again. Monsanto has filed a lawsuit challenging the proposed ban in Pulaski County Circuit Court and asked for an injunction. Previously, a 120-day moratorium was placed on use of the herbicide last summer.