The Washington County Quorum Court has denied a permit for a marijuana cultivation center that hoped to be located near Lincoln and Cane Hill, the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette reports.

The quorum court voted 11-3 against the Native Flower center, even though the county Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustments had approved it. The decision can be appealed to circuit court. The area where Native Flower hoped to house its grow operation is zoned for agricultural use, but, because planners considered the facility industrial, Native Flower needed approval from the Quorum Court.


The Medical Marijuana Commission will approve five cultivation centers to grow cannabis for the new medical marijuana industry. The commission is expected to announce the five that will be awarded licenses on Feb. 27.

The Quorum Court’s decision will have no bearing on the marijuana commission’s consideration of Native Flower’s application.


That was hard considering some opinions from the Court, like this one:

Justice of the Peace Robert Dennis, a Republican who represents the area including Farmington, said he was against the proposal, even if it possibly brought in tax revenue for the county.

“Do you want to sell your soul to the devil?” Dennis asked. “I’m not struggling with this — I’m totally against it. It’s wrong.”

Here’s another opinion from a court member:


Justice of the Peace Eva Madison, a Democrat representing northeastern Fayetteville, said Arkansas voters have approved medical marijuana use and she cautioned justices of the peace about using morality as a reason to deny the center. The board approved the center after asking for comments from the Sheriff’s Office and Road Department.

“I’m concerned too many people on this court are hung up on the morality issue on this, that they are trying to legislate morality,” Madison said. “If you are hung up on Arkansas having medical marijuana, that ship has sailed.”