The state today released redacted information from applications for medical marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries.

Scott Hardin, spokesman for the Department of Finance and Administration, which oversees the permit process, said the state is releasing Schedule A for all applications. This will include the name of the company applying and the location, by community, but not the names of individual owners. That has been named protected for competitive advantage reason, an exemption provided by the FOI. The members of the Medical Marijuana Commission evaluating the applications also will not see those names in scoring as they move toward permitting.

The release came following an FOI request specifically for Schedule A. The Department had always intended to release this information, Hardin said, but timing was an issue because the department wanted to keep the names out of the scoring process and because a great volume of records had to be redacted.

DFA has provided information from hundreds of applications (it now looks like 326 rather than the 260 I mentioned originally). You can go to this link, set up a Microsoft account and perhaps then be able to view all the applications, but I’m having some trouble with that. It could be DFA is currently allowing access through the Microsoft site only to those who’ve made FOI requests. We’ll update when we can. I’m attempting to find a means to make the filings available to all who’d like to see them. More later.

But to give you an idea of the information, here’s one batch of applications.