The reality show producer is entertaining, much as horror shows are entertaining. You can’t help but peek.

Thursday was one of those days. Having proclaimed himself back at work, Donald Trump went golfing. But he gave 30 minutes of his time for an “interview” with Michael Schmidt of the failing New York Times. Schmidt asked few questions, given a rare chance to ask, for example, if Donald Trump really knows what Medicaid is, but his stenography was nonetheless an unsettling window into the Trump brain. Esquire’s Charles Pierce said it suggested signs of Alzheimer’s. Blathering ego run amuck at a minimum. There’s “no collusion,” he said about 16 times. Nobody knows more about legislation or tax law or health law or anything. He has total control of the Justice Department. The media will help re-elect him in 2020. And so on. Amazing stuff and the social media commentary has been brutal. Two examples from Twitter:


* In most families when Grandpa gets this delusional they take the nuclear weapons away from him #25thAmendmentNow

* Please listen to or read carefully trump’s interview. You will be absolutely convinced he has lost what little mind he has left. He is clinically delusional and his bragging and lying make him dangerous to our Republic

Brilliant in his own mind though he may be, Trump is no scientist. Check out his Twitter effort as a climate denier, bracketed with a Tweet from the better informed staff of the Washington Post.

Wednesday from the Post:


Thursday from Donald Trump: