I would be pretty surprised if Jan Morgan topples Asa Hutchinson in the GOP primary. But I would totally shocked if she doesn’t end up famous enough to cash out regardless of the outcome.

For the national media, the South is a dish best served odd. ThinkProgress and Newsweek and the New York Daily News and the Kansas City Star are on the case.

Some of these stories devote a fair amount of ink to Morgan, but it’s all familiar territory to readers of this blog. ThinkProgress did ask a question I’ve been wondering — would Steve Bannon get involved in backing Morgan? Bannon didn’t respond to their query.

The stories naturally center on the controversy that gave Morgan the first taste of pseudo-celebrity she so thirstily craves — her declaration several years ago that her Hot Springs gun range was a “Muslim Free Zone.” One thing that strikes me about Morgan’s campaign, however, is that the substance of her statements hasn’t reached anything like that fever pitch. “Genetically conservative” is quite the line, but for the most part she sounds like a typical right-winger in the Arkansas legislature. Don’t get me wrong, many of her declared views are repugnant or batty. But for a gadfly, she’s really not that quotable. Her main thing is to call Hutchinson a RINO over and over. Pass the cayenne.


But maybe all these photos and videos are worth a thousand unhinged words. The Hog, the glock, the airbrush. She’s a wacko for the vlogger generation.

Morgan is enjoying the attention: