Vic Fleming, the Little Rock district judge whose song about crossword-creating ability was featured in the 2008 2006 documentary “Wordplay,” and the 20 or so members of his LifeQuest of Arkansas Puzzle Class will see their name in lights, or at least in print, when the Jan. 19 Chronicle of Higher Education carries their crossword.

Fleming teaches an eight-week class on crosswords every two or three years at LifeQuest, which does programming for older adults at Second Presbyterian Church. The puzzle, “Terrific Crossword” (a hint at the theme of the puzzle) to appear in the Chronicle, was created by the members of Fleming’s spring 2016 class.

In a news release from the Chronicle, Fleming said it wasn’t the first time the class has constructed a puzzle, “but it’s the first time a publication of the caliber of the Chronicle of Higher Education has agreed to publish one.” Fleming has had puzzles published in The New York Times and Games Magazine.

Fleming is also the author of “Real Lawyers Do Change Their Briefs.”