Our outrage button is nearing burnout after year one of The Donald Trump Show, but this is so beyond the pale it is worth mentioning: Washington Post and other outlets are reporting that during an Oval Office meeting with lawmakers today, duly-elected President of the United States Donald John Trump grew tired with lawmakers discussing restoring protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and war-torn countries in Africa and said: “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

He then suggested America should recruit more immigrants from countries like Norway. You know: good, Aryan stock.


Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, who has pushed for cutting the legal immigration rate by half, reportedly sat in on today’s meeting.

Ah yes, who can forget the stirring lines of Emma Lazarus’ immortal poem, etched into the base of The Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses from non-shithole countries, yearning to breathe free!”


This is your president, kids. Three years and change to go of this outhouse fire, if fate and common sense are kind.

UPDATE: We contacted Blanca Estevez, a political refugee from El Salvador living in Fayetteville who is co-coordinator of the Women’s March there on Jan. 20, to get her response to Trump’s remarks about her “shithole” country:


We all know the president is not the brightest, nor does it seem that history was among his favorite classes. These “shithole” countries did not get there on their own. The U.S. involvement in our (ES) civil war has played a huge role is the destruction of the country, not to mention CAFTA [the Central America Free Trade Agreement], and the country now operating on the fiat U.S. dollar.

What I do know is that immigrants, especially brown immigrants make this country run. If these countries are such “shitholes” why are these immigrants literally paving roads?