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n the reception a junior college basketball town received in post-racial Harrison, the former sundown town where people now are judged only by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

The Labette Community College men’s and women’s basketball teams from Parsons, Kansas were greeted with monkey calls and crow caws in a road matchup at North Arkansas College in Harrison, Arkansas on Wednesday, the Parsons Sun reports.

Fans at North Arkansas made monkey noises directed at Labette players from both teams while they were on offense and mimicked crow caws while players were on the free throw line, according to the report.

Both of the Labette basketball teams are made up of predominantly black players

North Arkansas College, host to the team, deferred comments to a spokesman, Micki Somers, who said the college didn’t condone such behavior and would investigate:

“The college has a diversity statement of inclusion,” Somers said. “We’re an open-door college … part of the college’s mission is to increase diversity. We actively do things to recruit people to Harrison.”

Diversity statement. Yes, like those from the Rutledges, Cottons, Womacks, Westermans, Hills and others. Monkey see, monkey do.