Adrienne Kvello, a Fayetteville lawyer who’d announced as a candidate to oppose Republican Rep. Charlie Collins, sent a message today saying she was going to run instead for Washington County circuit clerk and throw her support in the House race to Denise Garner.

I have an important announcement. As the new year has unfolded, my family and I have taken stock of where we are in terms of our financial stability and security and where we want to be in the future. We have also discussed my goals for the future and how I can best use my talents to advance the message of the Democratic Party and help get women elected in Arkansas. This discussion has led to my decision to withdraw from the race for State Representative for District 84 and run for Washington County Circuit Clerk instead. This decision was not arrived at easily. However, it is what is best for the party, and for the realities of my family’s current situation. It allows us to present a united front against Charlie Collins and also have a strong woman candidate for Circuit Clerk—a race that has gone uncontested for far too long. Every race matters, and we need to have candidates in all of them.

I am already brimming with ideas on how to make our county court system work better and promote justice for all residents. I want a partnership with local pro bono groups to increase access to a lawyer’s advice and legal forms for those who cannot afford an attorney. It is also high time we move into modern times and finally make online court filing a reality in Washington County. I will also work to make filing and enforcing restraining orders in cases of domestic violence an easier process. I want to create a system to notify current property owners when liens or conveyances have been recorded against their property. I would love to hear your thoughts or recommendations on what other ways we can improve the court system in Washington County.

I hope you will continue to support my campaign for this new office. However, I realize some of you have contributed to my campaign with the understanding you were donating to a highly contested state race. Because of this, if you would like a partial refund of the amount you contributed, please email me at and I would be happy to do so.

Moving forward I hope you will join me in supporting Denise Garner in her campaign against Charlie Collins. Her passion for our community and experience supporting nonprofits make her an ideal legislator. You can learn more about her and how you can support her campaign at

I am excited about this new path and the chance to spread common sense common ground policy in Washington County. I hope you will join me.

The current circuit clerk is a Republican, Kyle Sylvester