Robb Ryerse, the Republican primary challenge to incumbent Republican Rep. Steve Womack, sends his thoughts on the shtudown, which Womack has blamed  on Democrats’  desire to help criminal aliens instead of American military, or words to that effect.

Today, the shutdown of the federal government drags into a new workweek. This shutdown is a manufactured and unnecessary crisis. The United States Congress, under leadership from both parties, has not done their job and passed a budget in years, relying on omnibus spending bills and continuing resolutions to fund the government.

The result of this Congressional inaction is that whenever it is time to vote on a continuing resolution, the whole country gets caught in a game of political chicken. This time, our elected officials are gambling with the futures of Dreamers and the healthcare of children. Regular people get hurt when our leaders don’t do their jobs.

Furthermore, while some 800,000 government employees, including the brave men and women of the United States military, go without needed paychecks, our Congresspeople continue to get paid, despite the fact that they have not completed the most basic function of their job – to pass a budget.

I call on Republican and Democratic leaders in Washington to pass a continuing resolution that includes funding of the CHIP program and restores and extends DACA. In addition, I call on our leaders to finally do their job and pass a budget so that the American people are not subjected once again to an unnecessary government shutdown.