Jan Morgan
, the Republican challenger to Gov. Asa Hutchinson, dropped a surprising comment the other day during an appearance in Fouke,  as reported by the Texarkana Gazette:


Following her presentation, Morgan took questions from the audience, at which time Fouke resident Frank McFerrin asked her about a fight to remove Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s birthday from being a state-recognized holiday.

“This is insanity, to try to do away with a state’s heritage,” McFerrin said.

Morgan agreed and said she’s been informed by the FBI that she is on ISIS’ hit list.

“The snowflakes in our society need to know that if they have a problem with heritage, it should not be a problem for them at all, ” Morgan said. “When the people of the state have boots on the ground, it doesn’t matter who has the money. Back in 2016, 72 percent of this state voted for Donald Trump, and that means we can take our state back again and give it to the people.”

ISIS apparently missed the Fouke event, where Morgan got a hug from a man dressed as the Boggy Creek monster.