We noted yesterday that the Arkansas National Guard had scrapped three of four rentals of Guard armories in the state for use by a circus with an elephant act after an animal rights activist complained. A show Thursday in Forrest City was allowed to proceed because the decision came Thursday afternoon.

Ruth Scroggin of Jonesboro did not claim affiliation with any national group in writing the Guard about the shows, but PETA rushed to capitalize on the decision with a news release:


PETA is sending the Arkansas National Guard a box of elephant-shaped vegan chocolates for pledging that no animal-exploiting business will pass through its doors after tonight’s performance by the Stardust Circus, which uses elephants from the notorious Carson & Barnes Circus. This is a victory for all animals who are chained up, hauled across the country in cramped trailers, and forced to perform confusing and often painful tricks under the threat of punishment. PETA urges everyone to follow the Arkansas National Guard’s compassionate example by refusing to support these cruel spectacles.

Carson and Barnes Circus devotes a webpage to its care of elephants.