Now you see why so many people who work under the Capitol dome have been nervous.

Testimony at a hearing today in former Sen. Jon Woods’ bribery trial by former Rep. Micah Neal, who’s pleaded guilty to participating in kickback schemes involving state money with Woods, was that Neal secretly recorded his colleagues and others for months. From the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette  report on coverage by its sister paper in Northwest Arkansas:


Neal said he recorded any conversations he thought would interest federal investigators between March and October 2016.

Neal said he made the recordings on his own. Defense attorneys are trying to show he’d been encouraged by the FBI.

Key point today: Neal said investigators weren’t interested.


As yet, only Neal and Woods have been indicted among the legislature. Other indictments are expected, most likely a lobbyist identified but not charge as being part of a kickback scheme to funnel money to Ecclesia College. The college president and a friend of Woods and the president also have been charged. The current court fight is over recordings Neal made and whether all had been properly provided to the defense.