Chintan Desai, a young Democrat who teaches school in Helena and is mounting a long-shot challenge to Republican U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford, gets point for doggedness.

Somewhat lost in events yesterday was the overtly partisan House Intelligence Committee’s decision to release the dubious Nunes memo aimed at advancing Donald Trump’s talking point that the investigation of his campaign’s friendliness with Russians is just a political hit job. The committee did NOT vote to release a Democratic memo poking holes in the theory.


Crawford is on the Intelligence Committee and Desai rapped him for his interest in one-sided transparency. Said a news release:

In a stumbling interview with Anderson Cooper, Crawford alluded to the DOJ attempting to “cover their own hide” while dodging responsibility for the continuing discernible concealment of the president’s alleged collusion with the Russian government during the 2016 election.

Chintan Desai, Democratic candidate for Arkansas’ First Congressional District, demands accountability from Rick Crawford, a man indebted with representing Eastern Arkansas, not aiding and abetting national security cover-ups.