You’ve no doubt heard the stock market cratered today, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average off 1,500 points or so at one point and down as much as 1,000 last I looked.

That would mean a two-day loss of 1,600 points, a record plunge in points if not in percentage value.

Donald Trump, whose State of the Union address spoke glowingly of the record stock indexes, is busy now searching for Democrats to blame on the plunge.

Stuff happens.

This is one place I’m conservative. Put all you can in tax-advantaged investments and don’t leave a dime of an employer match, if you have one, on the table. Buy and hold, preferably index funds from those with low management fees. Don’t check your prices daily. What goes up can come down. What goes down, over time, generally goes back up.

But then, Donald Trump has never been president before.