In the race to the bottom in the Arkansas legislature, Sen. Bart Hester is a leading contender.

Take his Tweet today. UA-Little Rock should not advertise that it offers a major in dance.

Given the view expressed, he presumably believes it’s not even worth teaching. I wonder what else falls on Hester’s worthless list?

Not baseball, I guess. Hester lettered three years for the Razorbacks. Did he get beaned once too many times?


I repeat myself, but there’s value in all education. I’d introduce Hester to my multi-millionaire frat brother who found philosophy a key to his future success. He also played baseball, a pitcher.  If Bart Hester wasn’t a catcher he should have been. Ever heard the phrase “tools of ignorance” applied to catcher’s gear?

I know some hard-working Arkansans who don’t like subsidizing hate and ignorance with $40,000 salaries, per diem and the ability to legislate special favors for pals, as Hester has done.