The North Little Rock School District is investigating the handling of a student by a district security officer this week, Superintendent Kelly Rodgers says.

The incident at North Little Rock High School went public after it occurred Monday with Facebook posting of a video that appears to have been taken with a cell phone camera in the room at the time.

Rodgers said he couldn’t comment on specifics because the event was under investigation and had been reported to appropriate authorities. The North Little Rock police are investigating, according to a report on KARK.


The Facebook video begins after the confrontation had begun. The officer shoves the student after the student grabbed his arm at one point. The officer’s shoving continues as the student tells the officer to get his hands off.

The school has video cameras that will provide a record of the incident and they will be used in the district investigation.

The parents of the student told KARK they commend their son “for holding his composure and not reacting to the abuse that he was subjected to.”