Who knew Attorney General Leslie Rutledge would say there ARE circumstances in which the right to bear arms may be infringed?

Her word came in an official opinion released yesterday.


In response to a request for an opinion from state Sen. Bill Sample of Hot Springs, she said:

Publicly owned facilities and buildings that serve alcoholic beverages may prohibit handgun license holders, including those that obtain the new advanced permit, from carrying guns.


The facilities must only post a written notice.

Such a written notice would be effective as to holders of enhanced concealed-carry licenses, as well as holders of conventional licenses. Likewise, a written notice would effectively prohibit individuals with enhanced (and conventional) concealed-carry licenses from possessing firearms in a publicly owned building or facility where beer or light wine is consumed.

The question arises because the old law prohibited concealed weapons in public buildings and places where alcohol was sold. A 2017 law aimed at putting guns on college campuses lifted the ban on most public buildings and also opened bars and other places that sell alcohol to people with the “enhanced” carry permit, which is issued after eight additional hours of training for those with concealed carry permits.


The old prohibition still applies to the basic carry permit. But it can be applied, with notice, to holders of the new permit even though public buildings and alcohol servers were otherwise opened up to them.

I trust this means notices will be going up soon on, for example, public convention centers where events include service of alcoholic beverages.

Which reminds me:


Somebody called my attention this week to a Facebook post by a Fayetteville man who said he strode into Arsaga’s restaurant with his strap-on and was asked him to leave.  They have a notice properly posted against guns on premises, as the law allows. Private property rights? This fellow doesn’t seem to think they apply in “Gayetteville.”

The comments came in fast and furious. I particularly liked those from ardent gun rights people who say folks like this give them a bad name. One bad apple ….