Country rap music. Alcohol. Arkansas. What could go wrong?

Raw Story reports.


It was a Ryan Upchurch show at Coles Off Road Park in Garland County. It reportedly was overbooked. People were not happy to be turned away. Upchurch wasn’t happy either. He didn’t play.

Hundreds of paid ticket-holders were refused entry to the concert, and they stormed off in their vehicles and wrecked street signs and fences along Mountain Pine Road.

“Small 4-wheelers through here, and trucks and trailers,” said Gary Brown, who owns Guns and More next door to the park. “I love music more than anybody, but when it comes to this, it’s too much.”

Lininger said Garland County sheriff’s deputies were unnecessarily confrontational as they told ticket holders to leave, but he managed to avoid arrest.

“Dude was rude as sh*t, pulled his f*cking baton on me and threatening me, got up in my motherf*cking face,” Lininger said in a Facebook video posted the night of the concert. “I mean, dude let me out, I’ll be real, he let me out — he didn’t take me to jail. So for that, I really ain’t mad.”

Upchurch also uploaded a Facebook video after the concert and blamed the park for the mix-up and poor treatment of his fans.

“You think I’m going to get on stage, when I hear people running the park, cussing my fans out and turning them away,” Upchurch said. “You done disrespected the wrong movement.”

Dare I say it? White lives matter.


Facebook live video by unhappy drunk Upchurch fan is a must. NSFW.