The latest gun massacre has prompted many recapitulations off the amount of money the NRA pours into politics. Arkansas figures prominently.

Republican U.S. Rep. French Hill of Little Rock is identified as the top recipient of NRA money in the House, with $1.09 million in his career (two elections so far).

His stature perhaps is a clue to why his standard thoughts-and-prayers response to the Florida massacre didn’t include the word “gun.”

Over in the U.S. Senate, Arkansas Republican Sen. Tom Cotton finished at 10th on the list in a 2017 New York Times account, but of course Cotton is only in his first term in the Senate. But $1.968 million is not too shabby..


Cotton, as has been his custom, has not used his otherwise busy Twitter accounts for comment, even thoughts and prayers, on the latest mass shooting. He’s too busy trying to throw immigrants out of the U.S.

UPDATE: Clarke Tucker, one of three Democratic candidates to oppose Hill in the fall, issued a statement on social media about the shooting. He said thoughts and prayers are no longer enough, it’s time to act, though he offered no specific legislation. He said: