Here’s a Twitter hashtag that’s worth a look — #morethanababe

Arkansas women journalists speak up about who they are — and it’s not about being an object for ranking on their looks in the long-running radio station “Babe Bracket” contest.

As yet, no male trolls have jumped in. Be sure they are out there. Men get sensitive about challenges to male privilege. The station in question, The Buzz, has informed the Arkansas Times it will have no further business relationships with us because of remarks I’ve made critical of the contest.

But never mind me. Read what the women have to say.  My criticism of the shtick was inspired in large part by the all-male chatfests in which the boys, including Gov. Asa Hutchinson at one point, yukked it up and spoke with such assurance  about the good intentions of the men and their confidence that women approved. I hope the boys take a gander at #morethanababe


There are many, many more. Check it out. (Where’s KATV in this thread?)