Several readershave asked when the new 10 Commandments monument, destroyed by car on its first day in place June 28, will be erected behind the state Capitol.

Chris Powell, a spokesman for Secretary of State Mark Martin, said it’s expected to be installed after the legislative session, perhaps in early April. The monument was paid with privately raised funds, also to be used for installation.

The monument installation will include concrete bollards to protect it from other would-be vehicle smashes. Powell said the office had decided to delay installation until after the legislative session with its higher vehicle traffic because some heavy equipment will be necessary for the work.

Several groups have said they’ll sue over the monument once it’s in place as state promotion of religion. Michael Reed, charged with destruction of the monument, remains in treatment at the State Hospital. He was committed after being found unfit to stand trial. Hospitalization followed his similar destruction of  10 commandments monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma capitol.