Russians pump the fake news on social media, but they get help from the likes of Sen. Alan Clark of Lonsdale.

Clark went to Facebook to propagate the gun lobby theme that students from Florida leading a gun reform movement were actors or somehow props for others.

A legislative aide in Florida was fired for putting out this nonsense. Could we fire Alan Clark?

He thinks it a strange coincidence that David Hogg has been on TV in Florida and California. Appearances in two different years on different topics a coincidence?


Not that facts matter to Alan Clark, but perhaps he should read how, through the miracle of digital communication, the Florida student, David Hogg, could have appeared in a video made when he was on vacation in California in 2017 and then this week, 2018, in Florida on unrelated topics.

How many times has Alan Clark been on TV? Once is too many. But his Facebook fans eat up the gun nuttery.