I’ve reported this week that the Arkansas Farm Bureau is working on legislation to override the state’s denial of a continuing permit for the C and H Hog Farm in Newton County.

Opponents of the farm anticipated the legislature would provide a sop, in the form of financial support for continued University of Arkansas study of pollution in the watershed and that the special legislative session expected to follow this regular budget session would take up still unrevealed legislation to protect C and H in some fashion.


Yesterday, guess what? Joint Budget approved an increase in funding for the UA Agriculture Division to continue to study the impact of swine farming near the Buffalo River.

Rep. Dan Douglas, the sponsor, INSISTED this had NOTHING to do with the C and H permit.


Let’s make it simple. Dan Douglas wants to continue to monitor the impact of swine farming in the Buffalo River watershed through 2022, instead of ending in 2019. Doesn’t this mean Douglas expects C and H, the only factory hog farm in the watershed, to continue to operate? (It’s currently on borrowed time during appeal of the denial.)

Dollars to Brazil (which owns the hogs). Pork chops to China, which imports the meat. Hog shit to the scenic Buffalo River. Your Arkansas government at work.


PS — Dan Douglas says a little ol‘ bill he’s planning for the special session also has NOTHING TO DO WITH C AND H. So how come he won’t show it to anyone?

PPS — Rep. Vaught’s bill has begun to leak. It essentially prevents any review of the C and H permit. Can it pass? Sure. As an Asa agency head, Stacy Hurst, was quoted as saying in a different context but also one speaking to the quality of life, “This is just Arkansas.”

Here’s a version that is going around.