The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission has just released copies of the applications of the top five scorers in the round of competition for five cultivation facilities.

There are actually six applications by five different groups. One group submitted applications for operations in both Jefferson and Jackson Counties. It must choose one to go forward and has not done so yet.


Here are the links for each of the top six applications. Major portions of the applications are redacted, more than I had expected. In addition to personal information on phone numbers and the like many operational and financial details are blanked out.

UPDATE: All the links now work.


* Natural State Medicinals Cultivation. This is for a facility in Jefferson County. The group includes people associated with the LaFrance family and their former business, USA Drugs. Familiar names include Dr. Alonzo Williams, Fox 16 anchor Donna Terrell, Dr. Kelli Schlesinger, chairman of the state Medical Board, and Bud Cummins, the former U.S. attorney and Trump campaign manager for Arkansas. Joseph Courtright, former CEO of USA Drugs, and Susan Williams are the biggest owners with 15 percent each.

* Bold Team LLC. For a facility at Cotton Plant in Woodruff County. This group includes among top owners an accountant, Danny W. Brown, with varied interests including Willy D’s piano bar in the River Market, and Mark Drennan, who filed the application.


* Natural State Wellness Enterprises. This link is for its Jackson County proposal. Henry Wilkins V, former Attorney General Dustin McDaniel and John Allison are among owners, with William Young the biggest at 34 percent.

* Natural State Wellness Enterprises. This link is for its Jefferson County application. Ownership is the same.

* Osage Creek Cultivation. This is for a facility in Carroll County. It was filed by Berryville businessman Jay Trulove. He and his wife Mary are the only identified owners of stock, but several others, including family members, are listed on an advisory board.

* Delta Medical Cannabis Company. This group plans a facility in Newport. It includes a group of mostly Northeast Arkansas investors, including Doug Falls, who filed the application, and Don Parker, a Jonesboro lawyer who talked about the group Tuesday. The top owners are three LLCs. All of the owners of each are identified. The application also indicates the group is interested in applying for dispensary applications as well.