Senate approval yesterday
of Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s desire to require work in return for Medicaid benefits was the major hurdle to adoption of the plan.

The House is expected to approve it and the rule could take effect as early as June 1, the governor has said, unless a legal challenge is mounted.

So it is not too soon for advocates for the poor to begin putting out the word on how to ensure that health coverage continues for people in the targeted population of almost 40,000.


Legal Aid of Arkansas wants to make sure people know about the changes and what to do to maintain coverage.

The video I’ve posted at top explains the changes. You can also see it on their Facebook page.

Here, too, is a flyer with basic information.

Legal Aid also will provide people to talk to groups about the changes. The talks can be as short as 10 minutes up to 45 minutes. They can also provide people who speak Spanish and Marshallese.

It’s a good place to again mention Ernest Dumas’ column on the meanness of this proposal, its cost and the likelihood that the undeserving will be punished by a bureaucratic morass intended to reduce government expenditures on poor people.

Here, too, are some answers to key questions compiled by Legal Aid.