How about this? The Florida House today joined the Florida Senate, both bodies with majority Republican membership, in approving some meaningful gun legislation. They overcame the clout of one of the NRA’s premier lobbyists.

Over to you Arkansas General Assembly? Do you have the similar courage and good sense to do the same?


After weeks of debate, lawmakers approved a bill that would impose a three-day waiting period for most purchases of long guns and raise the minimum age for purchasing those weapons to 21. The legislation also includes millions of dollars to improve school security and train and arm school employees.

… In addition to the waiting period and an increase in the minimum age, the bill also would ban the possession or sale of bump stocks, which can make guns shoot with the speed of an automatic weapons.

…State law enforcement would get new powers to temporarily remove weapons from people deemed to be a risk, and there would be a new judicial process to remove guns and ammunition from people deemed a threat to themselves or others.

,,,The Florida bill also provides nearly $100 million to improve school security and $67 million to fund a new sheriff program that would allow school districts to voluntarily train and arm employees who do not exclusively teach in the classroom. These new “school marshals” would have to pass 132 hours of law enforcement training, a background check and additional diversity training.

The bill instructs state law enforcement to set up a new mobile app that would allow members of the public, including students, to anonymously report dangerous threats, and it funds additional school mental health services and security officers. There are also funds for a $1 million memorial to those lost in the shooting.

This is real stuff. I know some people would want more. I am darn sure the NRA wanted much, much less. It is an immense tragedy it took another school massacre to get it done. But legislators have ignored massacres before. Thank the mobilized young people for a signal achievement.