Developments in the 1st Amendment lawsuit challenging Donald Trump’s blocking of people from seeing his Twitter account is running in favor of access.

This today from AP on a court hearing in the lawsuit:


A judge has suggested that Trump settle the lawsuit by “muting” people rather than “blocking” them. That means all people on Twitter could see what Trump says, but their responses, if any, wouldn’t appear on his Twitter page. You can do the same thing on Facebook, another place, like Twitter, where thin-skinned Arkansas politicians like Sen. Jason Rapert are prone to block people.

Please note this, Rapert and all:


The government says Trump’s Twitter feed is a personal account and not a public forum requiring him to welcome all voices.

Buchwald told lawyers they run the risk of establishing new law that they might not like if they resist a settlement. Otherwise, she’ll rule soon.

Any politician using communications devices to spread their message should open them for all to see. They don’t have to accept comments at all, much less be required to post them all. But be transparent about what they write? Yes.

PS: I used the Huckabee page, which blocks my access (at least through one identity) by way of illustration. He’s no longer a public official and he can do whatever.