The Bentonville School Board has already made it clear that student protests against gun violence today will be met with the harshest discipline allowed under district guidelines. It’s just politics, a 4-3 majority declared, to show solidarity with children massacred in Florida classrooms.

That was bad. This is worse.


KNWA reports that a student, Summerlin Hutson, was suspended for two days for distributing flyers about a planned Bentonville walkout. Her dad spoke up for her. She apparently ran afoul of a district rule requiring two-day-advance approval for distribution of flyers.



Pre-approval for 1st Amendment speech and petition?

Would you be suspended in Bentonville for distributing copies of the U.S. Constitution without two-day prior approval?


Rules are rules, dammit. Unless, if I may be allowed to repeat myself, you are a veteran Bentonville employee who steals from district money for personal use. Or unless it’s a rule about the required number of certified boiler operators. In those cases, wiggle room is allowed in Bentonville.

I hope Bentonville sees a 2,000-student walkout and then must hold a football stadium mass D-hall for these anarchist rule breakers. Maybe one of them will write a Letter from the Bentonville Jail. At a mimimum, they can lock arms and come up with some new verses of “We Shall Overcome.”

Your sons and daughters are beyond your command, Bentonville bullies.

Note support for authoritarianism from an unsurprising state Senate source. I commended him with  the image of character from film whom Hester recalls. “Thank you sir. May I have another?”