State Rep. Scott Baltz of Pocahontas, who’d earlier raised questions about checking of tax deficiencies among applications for medical marijuana cultivation permits, has suggested that outside evaluators be used to re-score the applications.

Baltz made the recommendation in a letter to Larry Walther, director of the Finance and Administration Department, and copied to Gov. Asa Hutchinson and members of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission. It said a lawsuit filed this week and other public complaints “warrant a reconsideration of the current administrative process.” For that reasons, he suggests judging by an “out-of-state, independent firm.” The Commission then would use those numbers to award permits. “I’m convinced such a process would be credible and impartial,” he wrote.

DFA spokesman Scott Hardin said the department was preparing a response. Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen has a hearing scheduled Friday on whether to issue a preliminary injunction against award of permits because of questions about scoring of applications.