This just in from the governor’s office:

Gov. Asa Hutchinson will make an announcement and hold a media availability in the Governor’s Conference Room at 11 a.m. Thursday.


No hint of topic.

My theory: 1) Politics. He’s in a primary campaign remember. He’ll announce something big — or big sounding — that he believes will play well in the Republican primary.


2) Play well in the Republican primary? How about more government “efficiency.” That’s where state employees might get nervous. Efficiency is a euphemism for saving money. There’s only one way to save money and it’s not on pencils, but people. Jobs, even agencies. What Republican voter doesn’t want to see government spending slashed and deadbeat bureaucrats put to flight?

3) When you save money you can promise more tax cuts.


This is just a guess.

Maybe he’s going to recommend getting off daylight savings time.

They’ve already saved all the money and done all the efficiencies that can be done rolling up a bunch of agencies into DHS. I’m pretty sure he could get majority Farm Bureau (aka legislature) support for shutting down the Department of Environmental Quality.